Sacrament of Transition: Protocol for Ibogaine Initiations

Sacrament of Transition

By Anže Tavčar Copyright © 2007, Anže Tavčar All Rights Reserved 1. What is Sacrament of Transition The Sacrament of Transition is a religious community registered with the Office for Religious Communities of the Republic of Slovenia since 1999 in compliance with all applicable laws. The religion of Sacrament of …

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Ibogaine in the 21st Century: Boosters, Tune-ups and Maintenance

maps • volume xv number 1 • Spring 2005 By Patrick K. Kroupa & Hattie Wells History The history of using ibogaine to break the cycle of drug-dependence is relatively short. While it is likely that the CIBA pharmaceutical company and the US government were aware of ibogaine’s anti-addictive properties …

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