Heroin, Ibogaine and Patrick Kroupa

Copyright © 2002, Marc Powell / marc[at]rotten.com (Original Publication: Cool Beans #13, 2002) Patrick Kroupa: career addict, co-founder of the hacker culture stronghold “MindVox,” writer of Apple ][e viruses, member of the legendary bad-ass hacker group “Legion of Doom,” and presently an outspoken ibogaine activist. CB: How long have you …

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The Delphic Bee, Jonathan Ott

Purple Ascent, by Dave Hunter (Gammalyte)

Bees and Toxic Honeys as pointers to Psychoactive and other Medicinal Plants Copyright © 1998, Jonathan Ott All Rights Reserved (Original Publication: Economic Botany 52(3):260 -266,1998) Herein a brief review, with 49 references, of the history and phytochemistry of toxic honeys, in which bees have sequestered secondary compounds naturally occurring …

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