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Tabernanthe Iboga Poster, by Dave Hunter (Gammalyte)

Tabernanthe Iboga Poster, by Dave Hunter (Gammalyte)

The Art & Images section is extremely incomplete. People have sent countless pics and pieces of art to the mailing list itself over the years, and what’s online mostly represents the work of Dave Hunter (gammalyte) between the years 2000-2002. Dave is an extremely gifted visionary artist based in Northern California, who has contributed art, design, and UI elements to every single instance of the Ibogaine site on MindVox since its’ inception back in the early 2000s. Some of the world’s most ubiquitous ibogaine-related art, all had it’s first public showing on the Ibogaine List.

It also features the work of Dross, who made a series of ibogaine-related contributions to the site between 2000-2003. When not hittin’ the crackpipe, he spends a lot of his time drawing children’s comics: The WackyCrackheads.

For a much larger collection of ibogaine-related art & images, please do a search inside MindVox itself.



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