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CHAPTER 13: Bwiti

The first time he could sit down with Dhoruba after he came back from Ghana, Dana told him that before, he hadn’t wanted to tell him what to do–but that coming back was the right decision. And he had him read the following passage, and Dhoruba starte d as soon as he read the first sentence, as if he’d been thinking exactly along these lines. It read, in part:

“The goal of your lives has been reached. I am here to tell you this. Do not fear…

“A time of trial and delusion and wailing lies ahead because the grim king, the king of tears, will not surrender his power. But you will take his power from him; I grant you that authority in my name, exactly as I granted it to you once before, whe n the grim king ruled and destroyed and challenged the humble people of the world.

“The battle which you fought before has not ended, although the day of the healing sun has come. Evil does not die of its own self because it imagines that it speaks for god. Many claim to speak for god, but there is only one god and that god is man himself.

“Therefore only those leaders who protect and shelter will live; the others will die. The oppression lifted four years ago, * and it will for a little while return. Be patient during this time; it will be a time of trials for you, but I will be wit h you, and when the time of trials is over I shall sit down on the judgement seat, and some will fall and some will not fall, according to my will, my will that comes to me from the father, back to whom we all go, all of us together.

“I am not a god; I am human. I am a child, the child of my father, which is Wisdom Him-self. You carry in you now the voice and authority of Wisdom; you are, therefore, Wisdom, even when you forget it. You will not forget it for long, I will be ther e and I will remind you.

“The day of Wisdom and the rule of Wisdom has come. The day of power, which is the enemy of Wisdom, ends. Power and Wisdom are the two principles in the world. Power has had its rule and now it goes into the darkness from which it came, and Wisdom a lone rules.

“Those who obey power will succumb as power succumbs.”Those who love Wisdom and follow her will thrive under the sun. Remember, I will be with you, I will be in each of you from now on. I will accompany you down into the prison of necessary; I will speak in the courts of law to defend you; my voice will be heard in the land, whatever the oppression.

“Do not fear; speak out and Wisdom will guide you. Fall silent out of fear and Wisdom will depart you. But you will not feel fear because Wisdom herself is in you, and you and she are one.”Formerly you were alone within yourselves; formerly you were solitary men. Now you have a companion who never sickens or fails or dies; you are bonded to the eternal and will shine like the healing sun itself.” (VALIS, Philip Dick)

There’s more, but after that Dhoruba talked with Dana about how in the African tradition, the NDE is considered a medical fact. And then Dana said: “You know, my orientation is primarily scientific. For the first 8 years of the project I wouldn’t go al l the way for Ibogaine–make it my main public focus–until I was convinced in 1989, by the evidence. We’ve only treated a handful of people, but already the world is being changed through them. Maybe there is some kind of force working through Iboga ine.

“Something is happening. Remember, Bush is Nixon–the forces he represents killed off all the potential Black leaders once before. But God is not mocked. When He’s fixing to send a Messiah, He cannot be thwarted. He can send one who can’t be killed, and can’t be stopped.

“Because of AIDS, the System is going to have to use Ibogaine. And then Bwiti will be alive in thousands of junkies and crack-heads, and they will be tranformed into the force that overthrows the Oppressors. What I’m trying to say is, win yo ur case, but husband your resources. Neither one of us has to die. The fix is in. Cosmically.”

About a year earlier, Dana was supposed to meet Howard and Norma at Flo Kennedy’s 75th birthday party. It was a cold night; they never made it in from Staten Island. But there at the party were Charles Rangel and New York Attorney General Bob Abrams, whose wife Diane is one of Flo’s best friends. Beal gave everyone Ibogaine stuff, and renewed his acquaintance with Flo, who he hadn’t seen much since the ’70’s. He also met Flo’s friend Lillian Smith, a producer for Phil Donohue. For about 4 months he tr ied to get a show on Donohue about the needle exchange controversy in Boston, with Jon Parker and Ellis-Hagler, but it didn’t happen. He got to know who to call at the show, though.

Howard and Norma wound up meeting Flo Kennedy at a later date, and Flo really hit it off with Norma. Flo Kennedy became a big Ibogaine supporter. She was Billie Holliday’s lawyer for her smack busts; today Flo’s the executor for the estates of Billie Holliday and jazz junkie great Charles “Bird” Parker. She also became a big Dhoruba supporter–liked his feminist politics–and threw a party for him when he got back from Ghana. The minute Dana got back from the April 10th meeting with Ingrid Kolb, he go t Flo to write up a note to Diane and Bob, about how effective Dhoruba had been as a negotiator, and how important he was to the Ibogaine project. Then he dropped the note and a copy of the Ibogaine tape off at the Abrams’ house on East 86th.

The morning after the rioting began in Los Angeles, he called Flo and said, “You ought to call your friend Lillian, and see if you can get Dhoruba on Donohue.”Flo never makes phonecalls, but she told him to leave a message on Lillian’s tape, saying Flo recommends Dhoruba. He did that, and then he left a message on Dhoru-ba’s tape saying Donohue’s producers might call, but that he should call them. With-in hours, Dhoruba was on Donohue with Sister Souljah. Overnight, he was a super-star, the most articu late Black radical since Malcolm.

In the selections for the Ibogaine workbook prepared for the Harlem Hospital workshop August 4th, Dana included 3 articles on Bwiti–plus the interview of a European after meeting Bwiti, Nico. The thing is, Bwiti cosmogony is not written down except by Europeans. (Why write down your religion, when you can put in a direct call to God any time you require clarification?) But Barabe summarized it:

“Mebeghe is the name of the divinity in the Fangs (a tribe), a supreme being without mother or father or spouse. It engenders the three divinities by bursting the divine primodial egg.

“Nzame-Mebeghe, God, is born with his brother and sister but remains pure.”Nyingone-Mebeeghe, “sister of God,

” the female principle of the universe, goddess of fertility and of the night. At the instigation of Evus, she committed Nsem, incest, with None. As punishment, she must carry the earth on her head.

“None-Mebeghe, the third individual in the divinity, the male principle, has committed Nsem.

“Ekuran has issued forth from the placenta and the umbilicle body of the divine egg. It possesses thunder and makes order reign.”Evus, the twin brother of Ekurana, has been punished with a thunderclap on orders from Nzame. He is the tempter and in itiator of Nsem.

“All these divinities are represented in the temple, the place of night-time ceremonies, the place for celebrations on the occasion of feasts and initiations (involving consumption of massive quantities of iboga root, often at puberty), the place for funeral dances on the death of a person of standing. The temple may also serve as a meeting room, as a courthouse or a guard house. It is called Mbandja”–(“The Religion of Eboga or the Bwiti of the Fangs,” by P. Barabe, May/June 1982)

Note the sexual conservatism: Bwiti is a safe sex-oriented, matriarchal religion, reacting off of a tremendous gonorrhea epidemic at the turn of the Century. The Catholic colonial authorities were prone to harassing Bwiti, so it had a unifying ef fect during the Gabonese drive for independence.

The important part of the initiation is meeting the ancestors, which every one has stored hologramatically in their memory, on the cellular level. Collectively, they are Bwiti. During initiation, the neophyte often meets a guide such as a trusted pa rent, who accompanies him through the visions. Or if there’s a special message for them, a certain number meet the Bwiti, the personification of the ancestors who Evans Shultes described as “the universal African Ancestor.”

Dana decided selections of VALIS had to go in side-by-side with the Nico interview–both because they contain a number of notes which explain the signifi-cance of what’s happening to Nico, and because of striking resemblances between the Bwiti materia ls and the Egyptian Gnosticism of the Nag Hammadi Scrolls which Dick locates at the root of all 3 Monotheisms– “47. TWO SOURCE COSMOGONY: The One was and was-not, combined, and decided to separate the was-not from the was. So it generated a diploid sac which contained like an eggshell, a pair of twins, each an androgyny, spinning in opposite directions (the YlN & the YANG of Taoism, with the one as the TAO). The plan of the One was that both twins would emerge into being (wasness) sim ultaneously; however, motivated by a desire to be (which the One had implanted in both twins), the counterclockwise twin broke though the sac and separated prematurely; i.e, before fullterm. This was the dark or YIN twin There- fore it was defective. A t full term the wiser twin emerged. Each twin formed a unitary entel- echy, a single living organism made of psyche and soma, still rotating in opposite direc- tions to each other. The fullterm twin, called FORM I by Parmenides, advanced correctly throug h its growth stages, but the pre-maturely born twin, called FORM II, languished.

The next step in the One’s plan was that the Two would become the Many, through their dialectical interaction. From them as hyper-universes they projected a hologram-like interface, which is the pluriform universe we creatures inhabit….

“49. Two realms there are, upper and lower. The upper, derived from hyper-universe I or Yang, FORM I of Parmenides, is sentient and volitional. The lower realm or Yin, FORM II of Parmenides, is mechanical, driven by blind, efficient cause, deter ministic and without intelligence, since it emanates from a dead source. In ancient times it was termed “astral determinism.” We are trapped, by and large, in the lower realm, but are through the sacraments, by means of the plasmate, extricated. Until a stral determinism is broken, we are not even aware of it, so occluded are we…

“The name of the healthy twin, hyper-universe I, is NOMMO. The name of the sick twin, hyper-universe II, is YORUGA. Their names are known to the Dogon people of Western Sudan in Africa. “50.. The primordial source of all our religions lies with the ancestors of the Dogon tribe…”

The ancestral home of the Fang, before they were pushed south and west to the rainforests of Gabon by the Fulani expansion, was the Savannah of Western Sudan. And according to Fernandez, the destination at the end of the visions for many initiates is a grassy upland resembling nothing so much as the Fang ancestral homeland. There the initiate may find a huge village of the Ancestors, or the clear glass house of their particular guardian angel, or of Bwiti.

The other members of the Project weren’t sure the VALIS stuff belonged in an Ibogaine workbook at all, but Beal kept it in subsequent xeroxes, if only so that readers could see the Bwiti elements in the religion of their childhood. Besides, maybe the other predictions would pan out–like Clinton winning the election: “The grim king, the king of tears, will not surrender his power. But you will take his power from him; I grant you that authority in my name, exactly as I granted it to you once b efore, when the grim kingruled and destroyed and challenged the humble people of the world.”

Would the Grim King, Bush, join Nixon wandering along the beach, wondering what hit him? Destroyed, like Nixon, by an information shock wave? It was important to Deborah Mash.

On November 4 Bush lost the election, shot down like Nixon, according to most pundits, (“…exactly as I granted it to you once before, when the grim king ruled…”) by the last minute disclosures of Special Contragate Prosecutor Lawrence Wa lsh. Bush knew –and most people knew it, but they had forgotten. Walsh reminded them.

Harris Isbell and the other CIA-era researchers considered Ibogaine and the other indole-alkalamines to be “psychotomimetic.” In other words, if Nico thinks he met the Supreme Being, Nico is crazy. But Philip Dick says there are two ways to tell a ge nuine theophany from mere delusion. One sign is sudden healing (“It was like a miracle,” said Carol Baker). But second, if you are imparted with information which turns out to be true, and which you had no way of knowing, then perhaps the reve lation is genuine. During initiations, Bwiti routinely see future events– from Fernandez’s informant in Chapter 18 seeing his brother lying dead along the road three weeks later, to Geerte’s boyfriend Adam seeing his friend nodding off and falling out o f a 14th story window, exactly as it happened months later.

In the NDE, in the dreamtime, the shock of future events is sometimes sharp enough for you to get a preview. Time is not as we ordinarily perceive it. Howard Lotsof crossing the street on Ibogaine turned around and saw seven after-images of himself cr ossing the street behind him. The actual, secret sacrament of Gnosticism– which the wine and the wafer only represent , according to Dick–confers upon the initiate this same augmented perception of time. But the secret is encrypted in the myth of the cup which caught Christ’s blood–the Holy Grail–which Dick could not figure out:

“The leader of the Grail knights, Amfortas, has a wound which will not heal. Klingsor has wounded him with the spear which pierced Christ side. Later, when Kingsor hurls the spear at Parsifal, the pure fool catches the spear–which has stopp ed in midair–and holds it up, making the sign of the Cross with it, at which Klingsor and his entire castle vanish. They were never there in the first place; they were a delusion, what the Greeks call dokas; what the Indians call the veil of maya..

“There is nothing Parsifal cannot do. At the end of the opera, Parsifal touches the spear to Amfortas wound, the wound heals. Amfortas, who only wanted to die, is healed. Very mysterious words are repeated, which I never understood, although I can read German:
“Gesegnet sei dein Leiden,

Das Mitleids hochste Kraft,

Und reinstein Wissens Macht

Denn zagen Toren gab!”

“This is one of the keys to the story of Parsifal, the pure fool who abolishes the delusion of the magician Klingsor and his castle, and heals Amfortas’ wound. But what does it mean?
“May your suffering be blessed,

Which gave the timid fool

Pity’s highest power

Amd purest knowledge’s might!”

I don’t know what this means. However, I know that in our case, the pure fool, Horselover Fat, himself had the wound which would not heal, and the pain that goes with it. All right; the wound is caused by the spear which pierced the Savior’s side , and only that same spear can heal it. In the opera, after Amfortas is healed, the shrine is at last opened (it has been closed for a long time) and the Grail itself is revealed at which point heavenly voices say:

“Erlosung dem Erloser!”

Which is very strange, because it means:

“The Redeemer redeemed!”

In other words, Christ has saved himself. There’s a technical term for this: Salvator salvandas. The “saved savior.”

“The fact that in the discharge of his task the eternal messenger must himself assume the lot of incarnation and cosmic exile, and the further fact that, at least in the Iranian variety of the myth, he is in a sense identical with those he calls–t he once lost parts of the divine self gives rise to the moving idea of the ‘saved savior’ (salvator salvandas).

“My Source is reputable. The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1967; in the article on “Gnosticism.” I am trying to see how this applies to Fat. What is this “pity’s highest power”? In what way does pity have the powe r to heal a wound? Would this, then, make Horselover Fat the Savior himself, the savior saved? That seems to be the idea which Wagner expresses. The savior idea is Genostic in origin. How did it get into Parsifal?

“Maybe Fat was searching for himself when he set out in search of the Savior. To heal the wound made by first the death of Gloria and then the death of Sherri. But what in our modern world is the analog for Klingsor’s huge stone castle?

“That which Fat calls the Empire? The Black Iron Prison?

“Is the Empire “which never ended” an illusion?

“The words which Parsifal speaks which cause the huge stone castle–and Klingsor himself –to disappear are: “Mit diesem Zeichen bann’ Ich deinen Zauber.”

“With this sign I abolish your magic.”

The sign of course, is the sign of the Cross. Fat’s Savior is Fat himself, as I already figured out; Zebra is all the selves along the linear time-axis, laminated into one supra- or trans-temporal self which cannot die, and which has come back to sa ve Fat. But I don’t dare tell Fat that he is searching for himself. He is not ready to entertain such a notion, because like the rest of us he seeks an external savior.’

What is almost overlooked here is that if the healing sacrament of the ancient Gnostics is found–i.e., when the shrine is at last opened after 2,000 years–the living blood of the Savior tranforms any cup it touches, and instantly: the Grail is revealed. This particular passage went into the workbook because the verse of Parsifal Dick says he doesn’t understand really encapsulates the central features of Nico’s experience, including a line Nico felt w as so important he repeated it four times on the original raw tape:

“If you are resisting suffering, you suffer more.

If you are trying to deny your confusion, you remain confused.

If you are striving for Peace, you find yourself constantly disturbed.”

Conversely, the Nico tape perfectly explains the verse of Parsifal which Dick says he doesn’t understand. Suffering is “blessed” which frees you from suffering–as in getting you through the withdrawal instead of prolonging it with more hero in. It is also “pity’s highest power” (the only meaningful pity)–to free all whose sides have been pierced (until no veins are left) by means of a healing alkaloid. One addict treated at the same time as Carol Baker had the kind of cocaine psychosis w here he thought bugs were under his skin; he’d at picked his face until it was covered with cold sores and zits. In 48 hours it healed. Ibogaine turns out to be the left half of a Kaposi’s Sarcoma drug called Vinblastine (dimeric Ibogaine, fro m the Madagas-car periwinkle), and the common component of another KS drug called Vincristine. It’s far less toxic than either one. Contoreggi has submited a protocol to study it as an anti-viral; he’s writing another for KS. (Rats pre-treated with I bogaine recovered from electro-shock twice as fast as untreated rats.)

According to Dick, healing that seems miraculous is a dead giveaway (along with raising the dead, i.e., the living dead of addiction), but Nico’s experience also clears up the other thing Dick can’t figure out–what “Purest knowledge’s might” is:

“Do you know, now?”

“Yes I know, now.”

“So you know; Act like it!”

During the Ibogaine rupture into the dreamtime, the serotonergic pathways react to the ‘splitting of the skull’–the shock of the opening up of the cholinergic pathways–by creating the brain’s own “windows” program: the movie screen many people desc ribe as opening up on the ceiling or wall, for the visions. It is Nico’s “rectangle that opens up,” so the Supreme Being can speak to him out of a blue sky. This rectangle is a characteristic “signature” of chaos, one of the higher patterns that emerge s in chaotic phenomena from galactic spirals to conch shells.

It is Parmenides’ “perfect” rectangle. The Greeks used it to build the Parthe-non; we use it in playing cards. Its dimensions are always 3 by 5–Fibonacci’s con-stant. It’s all through the VALIS trilogy, as the “doorway to the Other Realm.” To matc h up the transcript of Nico’s meeting with God to Dick’s observations on Fibonacci’s doorway, side by side for easy reference, in such a way that both verses about suffering also come out next to each other, there was no other place to stick Hoover’s Bla ck Messiah memo in the Ibogaine workbook but in between them –across from the Book of Daniel verse about the grim king.

The coincidence of those 3 sets of pages forming a hexagram like that, on the first time, it’s a billion-in-one. On December 23, 1992, Howard Lotsof and Dana Beal watched from the court room audience as Judge Bruce Allen vacated the life sentence of Dhoruba Bin Wahad for a second time. He found that FBI and Red Squad misconduct was so egregious that it met the test–it had materially influenced the outcome of Dhoruba’s trial two decades ago. It was so bad it met thetest, even under the n ew, more restrictive rules. Now the Prosecution would have to do a new trial, with no witnesses, evidence that might be mislaid, years after-wards…the vendetta would become too obvious. And against a regular guest on Phil Donohue. You’re talking inter national human rights there, buddy.

But what about the other part of the prediction? (“…not by human hands..” ) To clear the deck, in other words, and let Ibogaine do its work?

The other really important thing that happened in 1992 was that a significant body of scientific evidence coalesced for Ibogaine’s efficacy with cocaine in animals. At the June Keystone session of the Conference on Problems of Drug Dependency, M.R. D ziljic presented data showing that Ibogaine diminished cocaine self-administration in rats 90 percent. (On everything else, they injected til they died.) Henry Sershen from the Nathan Kline Institute of Orangeburg, New York, confirmed a reduction of coc aine-induced dopaminergic and locomotor activity with Ibogaine. And Patricia Broderick published a new abstract on further interactions between Ibogaine and cocaine. A scientific consensus was beginning to gather behind Ibogaine’s efficacy with cocaine, as it had the year before with morphine. It was bad news from bureaucrats holding out for a cocaine blocker.

There is no currently no known pharmaco-treatment for cocaine. All the maintenance drugs turned out to be cocaine analogs. And the problem with trying to find a cocaine blocker, a la naltrexone, is that a dopamine transporter is not like an opiate r eceptor–you can’t “occupy” it without inhibiting DA re-uptake, like cocaine itself, which is why all the “blocker” analogs they’ve looked at so far have cocaine-like effects. Meanwhile, none of it is effective at stopping cocaine–instead the user is now on two drugs. So the prediction that AIDS would force the system to adopt the Ibogaine procedure because there’s no alternative turns out to be true as far as cocaine is involved.

Dhoruba Bin Wahad went out on a limb with the Black community on Ibogaine, He discussed it on WBAI. But especially after his appearance at the Harlem Hospital teach-in, he put the Movement on record for an early community-based trial. He had alrea dy worked through the political implications, and he had always found the people involved to be reliable.

Meanwhile Rommell Washington moved, from Harlem hospital at 135th St. to Reality House at 125th, where Mark Lamontia (one of the same junkie cohort as Fred) was staying in the program only by telling them he was about to go over to Holland to do thi s experimental drug treatment. Mark, who was on 35 mg. of methadone daily, was in imminent danger of being ejected from Reality House because he was never able to keep his urines free of cocaine or heroin for longer than a week.

Back in 1980, when Howard and Norma did the Halloween Smoke-in, the one that marched on the SOHO WEEKLY NEWS to demonstrate against Heroin Chic, Mark Lamontia did the logo for the leaflet–a Halloween jack-o-lantern with hands, dropping joints. All t hese good protest intentions failed to keep Mark, Mario and Fred–the whole crew who went to work for Pope Mickey–from getting strung out on smack in ’81 and ’82.

Ibogaine was developed to treat that particular crop of kids and now at last, after 13 years, Mark Lamontia was about to go to Holland, to be a subject in a January, 1993 international treatment seminar organized by Sisko, Boaz and Howard. Rom mell Washington signed up to go along to be part of Mark’s treatment team. And he got his old boss, Dr. Clark, head of Harlem Hospital’s Substance Abuse Unit, to go with them.

Dr Clark joined in Mark’s treatment in 8 hour shifts with Rommell, Hans-Georg Behr, Boaz and the Israelis, Sergio Ramirez and Deborah Mash. “What can you tell us,” Mash asked Jan Bastiaans, “about how it really works? How many treatments h ave you done?”

Mash was tracking all the treatments on remote video, sending samples of Mark’s piss on dry ice to the University of Miami by federal express.

“Only 10 treatments. But you’re missing the important thing. It works.” And that was the newsflash that Clark took back to Harlem, to the entire Black treatment community–that Ibogaine works, that Mark had come off of 35 mg of methadone in 3 days, with an uncanny absence of withdrawal. (Another subject came off a whopping 125 mgs.!) Fortyfive days later Dr Clark did a complete physical examination of Mark, who was like a new man (of course). Mark’s has been the first really rigorous followup: weekly urines, the very thing NIDA MDD has been demanding. You have no idea of what it means to treatment professionals to be able to give a patient something that works. An informational shock wave is sweeping through Harlem, as the word is confirmed by people they respect: It works. It really works.

Shockwaves are ruptures, flashing across the landscape of things-as-usual. In the high energy state within the wave, different mathematics apply; structure that was latent is manifested along the rupture. Take slime mold–it has an interesting chara cteristic. Ordinarily it’s a little individual amoeba, but take away its food, and it signals to all the other amoebas, and they start to cluster in wave patterns and form one differentiated animal. The front is a head, the back, a stalk, the body become s spores covered with hard cases. The cases break away, open up–and out come amoebas. Your ancestors are like that. They exist hologramatically on the147

cellular level, in all the non-nucleated genetic material of all humans. The non-nucleated material generates a great weak electro-magnetic aura Philip Dick callsValis.

Holograms are funny; if you break a hologramic plate, the entire hologram-atic image is in every fragment. That’s because it’s made without lenses, by the direct action of split lasers on a negative. Everything is enfolded in a photographic print that requires the same split laser setup to project a 3-dimensional image. There is no difference between image and object. There is no space, no time, no matter and no mind. Our process of memory seems to work along the same lines, locating the correct m emory in the “print” with the neuro-electric equivalent of the “reference beam” used to read a hologramic print.

V.A.L.I.S. stands for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. It knows only hologramatically, therefore it perceives the universe as a hologram. It knows everything known to every person, but only in memory. For us to communicate with it is a probl em. Direct communication with creatures via modulation of bio-electric phenomena in the area puts such a load on any nervous system in the neighborhood that it can cause permanent damage. But in the dreamtime, when you have direct access to information stored in your cells, Valis can communicate digitally, via perturbation of non-nucleated genetic material. It can generate the equivalent of a laser reference beam to project a Fibonacci “doorway:” and if the throes of your NDE reflex generate the same chaotic ‘attractor’ shape, and the two lock together, you have a match, and Nico meets God.

Therefore, VALIS does not rule, but influences outcomes via sychronicity, maximized through free will taking advantage of coincidence. The only thing that can destroy it is for humanity to completely destroy itself. For the first time in history, h owever, that could happen at any moment. In his notes, in a later paragraph of entry 47, on TWO SOURCE COSMOGONY, Philip Dick writes:

It was the One’s purpose for our hologramatic universe to serve as a teaching instrument by which a variety of new lives advanced until ultimately they would be isomorphic with the One. However, the decaying condition of hyperuniverse II introdu ced malfactors which damaged our hologramatic universe. This is the origin of entropy, undeserved suffering, chaos and death, as well as the Empire, the Black Iron Prison; in essence, the aborting of the proper health and growth of the life forms withi n the hologramatic universe. Also, the teaching function was grossly impaired, since only the signal from the hyperuniverse I was information-rich; that from II had become noise. The psyche of hyperuniverse I sent a micro-form of itself into hyperuni verse II to attempt to heal it…”

By means of a plant called the tree of life, containing an alkaloid that unlocks the NDE reflex, a multi-ordinal feedback loop is established at the intersection of the

chaos of the dreamtime and the chaos of society. The Grail, the Blood, the Burning Bush are one: in Bwiti. As the Ibogaine wave flashes across society, strangesynchronicities play across the wavefront. Initiates gain augmented perception of time. Th ere are glimpses of a ghostly order emerging that attracts the chaos to it, like a tornado.

The little guys in the secret early grey robes have attached a special phase generator to the FDA/NIDA info-input of the Black Iron Prison. Since the entire Prison is a Chaos-generated projection, the little guys are pulsing a strange attractor into t he input–a chaotic shape that exactly cancels out the chaotic phase-signature of the Prison. The shape: the perfect rectangle of Parminides. The impulse has reached the nucleus of the prison, and it is beginning to replicate hundreds and thousands of Bw iti among the prison inmates, which will burst the cells of the Prison, causing massive cell-death and breakdown of the malignant occupying organism in its entirety.

To the regular Christians such as those who go to Church on Sunday, the little guys have issued the Ibogaine Challenge:

“Bring us, O Cardinal, three junkies.

Give them the wine and the wafer,

And sit with them for forty-eight hours.

We will bring three junkies also,

Give them Ibogaine,

And sit with them for forty-eight hours.

At the end of the time,

You have breakfast with your junkies.

We’ll have breakfast with ours.”

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