We are the Plant Medicine People

Plant Medicine People

We are the Plant Medicine People

The psychedelic renaissance has descended in grand fashion in the Western world, wooing everyone from academic chancellors to Wall Street wolves. Companies focused on medicines like Ibogaine and Psilocybinare popping up on stock exchanges worldwide, causing a frenzy of alternative healing, Ivy League studies, and economic opportunities. The decriminalization movement is in full effect, with some U.S. cities and even states allowing full legal access to potent psychedelics. These advancements are both magnificent and problematic, which is par for the course for evolution.

There’s one massively important factor that is largely ignored by almost every psychedelic-focused company out there—mainly because it reflects a major blind spot in mass consciousness: These Plant Medicines are not substances, they are conscious beings. This is a grave misunderstanding that, if not corrected quickly, will perpetuate our come hither / go away dance with these magnificent entheogens.

This is the heart of the mission held near and dear by Plant Medicine People, Inc (PMP). PMP was founded by a gaggle of plant lovers who revere the tribes and traditions that have protected and shared these medicines for centuries, as well as the sentient consciousness of the plants themselves. We are Westerners carrying indigenous traditions and plants, which means we also hold it our responsibilities to honor those who came before us. We are committed to sustainability for all the plants, and to supporting and uplifting the tribes who have made it possible for us to all revel in these remarkable healing traditions.

It is the plants that drive the creativity and mission of PMP, and our human executives do our best to execute the vision. We are passionate about helping shift the narrative from drugs to medicines, and teaching the Western world what it means to be in relationship with these beings–not unconsciously pill-popping, and blindly hoping for a cure. At PMP, we know that medicines like Ayahuasca and Iboga do not cure us of our human ails, but instead expand our awareness to help us accept and understand our primal fears and our profound pain. In turn, they empower us to discover the root causes of our illnesses and traumas, and teach us how to heal ourselves.

Plant Medicine People Offerings

PMP specializes in boutique Plant Medicine retreats in legal settings like Costa Rica and Peru, and what sets us apart from most other retreat organizers is our CEO is a trained shamanic practitioner herself. Kat Courtney, also a co-founder, has trained for almost 20 years in the Shipibo-Conibo, Quechua-Lamista, and Chavin traditions of Plant Medicine carriers. She is also a pioneer in the integration space; she founded AfterLife Coaching a decade ago before integration was everyone’s favorite new psychedelic buzzword. She’s also the author of Plant Medicine Mystery School Vol 1: The Superhero Healing Powers of Psychotropic Plants, and is a regular in the Plant Medicine podcast and speaker circuit. With Kat’s leadership, PMP embraces the sentient and consciousness nature of these plants, and the shamanic wisdoms that have guarded and celebrated them for centuries.

The overall vision at PMP is founded in these ancient shamanic practices and a sincere reverence and all-in love for the Master Plant spirits. We uplift, protect, and commemorate nature, and so we emphasize Plant Medicines over psychedelics. We believe Mother Earth is better at healing the world than any creation that comes from a laboratory. Although we celebrate ALL paths to healing, our expertise is directly tied to organic plant spirits that are sentient, wise, supportive, and in love with helping humanity evolve.

The retreats we offer have a variety of themes and focuses. Some focus solely on deep healing Plant Medicine ceremonies with Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Cacao and occasionally others as well. Some are shamanic training retreats that also offer medicine circles to embody the spiritual lessons we pass on to others. We also absolutely love to offer Master Plant Diets – both in person immersion and remote one and one support. These are the ancient ways of marrying a plant consciousness for maximum connection, insights, healing, and expansion.

All our retreats take place in absolutely stunning, safe, legal, and welcoming locations. We make sure every single detail of our Plant Medicine retreats reflect the reverence we have for our tribe, and our planet. We choose sustainable locations with local organic food offerings, beautiful yet eco-friendly accommodations, and sacred ceremony spaces; all with a luxurious and boutique-y feel. Our philosophy is that doing the deep work with Ayahuasca and her plant team is uncomfortable enough; our surroundings can be heavenly in support of our brave inner work.

In addition to multiple retreats each year, we also offer innovative shamanic courses and virtual ceremonies. This includes the pioneering Plant Medicine Mystery School led by our CEO Kat, and our Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Integration Training. We also do frequent Virtual Grief Release Ceremonies and related trainings, initiations, and sacred ceremonies, accessible to folks anywhere in the world.

Finally, the heart of Plant Medicine People lies in our passionate, gifted, and dynamic coaching team. We offer 30, 60, and 120 minute coaching sessions for people working with the following challenges:

  • Integration or preparation for Plant Medicines, including Ayahuasca, Huachuma/San Pedro, Cannabis, Bufo/Vilka, Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms, Iboga/Ibogaine and many others. We are experts in making sense of these intense and often confusing peak experiences, and helping people decipher the language of these medicines, making the most of every ceremony. Our goal is to ensure the insights and experiences in these journeys are integrated and embodied so they positively impact the lives of our clients in the most profound and potent ways.
  • Integration or preparation for synthetic psychedelics, including MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, Ketamine, Ibogaine, and many more.
  • Addiction recovery for opiates, alcohol, cocaine, and related drugs. We help people in the aftermath of Iboga/Ibogaine, as well as creating customized foundations for people who are ready to step out of self-destruction and make life-changing shifts.
  • Navigating an existential and spiritual crisis. Because it is a common and even magical aspect of the healing journey to feel as though our whole worlds have been turned upside down, we support our clients through this precarious yet rewarding experience, helping to create safety and groundedness once again so this newly birthed identity and conscious understanding can be fully expressed.
  • Nonduality coaching for those seeking to “die before we die,”, and to explore the greater mysteries of consciousness. We love a good nondual conversation about consciousness, and several of our coaches have extensive experience in the world of Advaita spiritual traditions.
  • Past Life Regression for those who are seeking to remember who they are as a soul, and the varied and complicated journeys that have come before this sacred life.
  • Death Doula services for those either facing the reality of an impending transition, or looking to unravel the primal fear of death. We know that the more each of us befriends the reality of death, the better life becomes.

Reconnecting Humanity Back to Our Natural Roots

Plant Medicine People was birthed to recreate the connection for each human soul back to our beloved Earth mother. We believe the core of all suffering stems from being disconnected from our bodies and our home, so the heart of everything we offer lies in the consciousness reconnection to that divine place of safety.

If you’re called to work with plant consciousness for healing and the expansion of your awareness and connection to source/nature, we’d be honored to welcome you to the Plant Medicine People tribe!

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