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Tabernanthe iboga

Tabernanthe iboga

The Ibogaine List was established in 2001 to facilitate discussion of Philip K. Dick; time travel physics; bathtub chemistry; elaborate conspiracy theories, and UFO’s. It provides highly-disturbed individuals with a publicly accessible venue where they can have extended seizures about whatever is really bothering them, a lot, that day; while allowing the mostly silent majority the opportunity to feel much better about themselves, “Wow, things could be MUCH WORSE! I mean, I could be the idiot who just wrote all that!@#!!!!”

Occasionally, people also discuss ibogaine.

A workable paradigm that explains everything, amounts to: the ibogaine list is sorta like a combination of group therapy and theatre of the absurd, performed in front of an audience. In other words, if you’ve ever attended a 12-step meeting, or spent much time hangin’ out in shooting galleries or crackhouses … well, you should feel right at home.

Once in a while, BURSTS of information will sail across the event horizon. Sometimes it’s even accurate.

At the present time the participants include pretty much everyone in the ibogaine universe; ranging from all the major — and minor — ibogaine treatment providers, a variety of Ph.D.s and M.D.s, heartwarming success stories, complete disasters, psychonauts, junkies, crackheads, disenfranchised nutjobs, and the Ghost of Saint Cobain.

Plus, also, as of 2004 (Anno Domini, Earth Time), the Bwiti have landed. “Wad’ you talkin ’bout white man?” Rock the fuck out! Although, mostly, they kick game in French. God Bless the all-pervasive everything, which is The Internet.

In conclusion: this is a discussion list. NOT the be-all, end-all of useful information. There are a variety of other resources available online (see the LINKS section), covering a broad spectrum of application; from scientific monographs, to materials which highlight the culture of the Bwiti and the sacramental use of ibogaine. Also accessible are a wide plethora of opinions — both informed and uninformed, first person and secondhand — regarding the possible efficacy of Tabernanthe iboga, in the treatment of drug-dependence.

List Rules

Do What Thou Wilt

Other than all that, try not to act like an asshole. If you are an asshole, just, pretend that you’re cool. Act AS IF and become.

Don’t spam the list with commercial ads (unless you give us kickbacks).

Terms and Conditions (TOS)

We are Completely Incompetent Idiots, who are Terrible People,
Stuck in a Perpetual Cycle of doing Really Awful Things.
Nothing, at all, ever, is our fault.


MindVox is Completely Devoid of Fluffy Vapid Recovery Drivel.
If you can’t handle people being real, this is probably not the place for you.

Hosting / Sponsors

The ibogaine list is hosted by the Scientist in Outer Space. If you experience any problems: do not hesitate to call your dealer, rent a shrink, or go buy a gun.

For Customer Support, make a burnt-offering to Kali (lighting a cigarette is close enough. No menthols allowed though). You will be summoned at 3:33am by a Spirit Guide in the form of your Power Animal; who will pass out loose joints, provide thoughtful insights, and hand you an autographed copy of Valis, with a SekreT Treasure Map located inside.

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Welcome to The Machine

“They Can’t Stop Us … we’re on a Mission from God”

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