2006: Sacrament of Transition / Cosmic Reboot

Sacrament of Transition

Sacrament of Transition

Although Sacrament of Transition uses ibogaine for spiritual initiation ceremonies; we recognize that the vast majority of individuals who are seeking access to Tabernanthe iboga, do so for the plethora of beneficial effects this sacred plant can offer seekers who are physically dependent upon addictive drugs such as heroin, crack cocaine, alcohol, and a variety of other prescription or illicit molecules.

We believe that freedom, liberation from addictive substances which effectively enslave you and can take away your self-determination, and the ability to make CHOICES instead of following compulsions beyond your control; are the basic right of every human being.

If you are presently drug-dependent, and do not have access to ibogaine treatment, or cannot afford it; Sacrament of Transition will begin offering remote initiations at no cost.

One remote initiation will be given on each of the religion’s official holidays: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice.

Initiations are open to anyone, anywhere, who has need,  and is willing to follow these basic prerequisites:

The prospective initiate MUST demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of ibogaine and the initiation process as it pertains to drug-dependent individuals. Ibogaine MUST be ingested in accordance with all known safety protocols in order to make the initiation as safe and effective as possible.

Drug-dependent individuals wishing to participate in Sacrament of Transition’s Cosmic Reboot, MUST have some sort of aftercare/post-ibogaine plan in place. You are clean, perhaps for the first time in decades; you are no longer physically dependent upon addictive drugs. Great… now what?

You agree to write an Experience Report, and allow Sacrament of Transition to publish the results (anonymously if you desire).

You agree to participate in basic scientific data collection, pre and post-ibogaine.

DISCLAIMER: WE WILL NOT SHIP IBOGAINE HCL TO ANY COUNTRY WHERE IBOGAINE IS PRESENTLY A SCHEDULED, PROHIBITED, OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. At present, seekers living in the following countries are NOT eligible: United States, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark.

Although it is extremely unfortunate that the afore-mentioned countries choose to lump ibogaine into the very same class of addictive substances — such as heroin and crack — from which ibogaine can offer freedom; we are not in a position to do anything about your local government’s decisions, policies, or choices. We CANNOT ship to these countries, and WILL NOT violate any applicable local laws.

If you happen to live in these countries, and theoretically take part in a democratic process, then TAKE PART and exert some effort in AFFECTING CHANGE. Get up off your ass and vote, raise awareness of ibogaine, engage in activism, do anything/everything within your power to CAUSE POSITIVE CHANGE.

Complaining about the injustice of the world is certainly something to do; but it WILL NOT bring about positive change.

We realize that nothing contained in the previous two paragraphs is particularly useful if you are addicted to drugs and need help right now; but we cannot (yet) wave our hands and rearrange whatever barbaric and ludicrous drug-policies pertain to the country you happen to reside in.

You are still left with the freedom to get on a plane, and take a trip to the nearest country where ibogaine is not demonized, controlled, or restricted (at present this includes nearly all of Planet Earth).

Sacrament of Transition is a registered religion and religious community, recognized by Slovenia and the EU (European Union). It has the same legal status as any other major religion registered at the Office for Religious Communities, in the Republic of Slovenia.

For further information please sign onto the Sacrament of Transition [SofT] List/Forum:

Send email (with any subject) to: sacrament-subscribe@mindvox.com

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