Technicians of the Sacred

Countless individuals have shared their time, energy, and life experiences, with the MindVox community over the years. The external site that you’re reading right now represents a small collection of high points; at best it’s incomplete and merely serves to present a series of ephemeral moments within the continuum of time.

The ibogaine section of MindVox is made possible thanks to:

Patrick K. Kroupa, Dave Hunter (gammalyte), init0, Zed, Andrew, Marko Reza Resinovič, Deborah C. Mash, Howard Lotsof, Dana Beal, Bruce Fancher, Hattie Wells, Alberto Sola, Drew Ross, Steven Anker, Jon Freedlander, Laura Shapiro, Douglas Greene, and Preston Peet.

Engines of Creation courtesy: The Bwiti
Dr. Strange: Jeffrey D. Kamlet, M.D.
Ice-Water in Hell provided by: Allan Clear
Frequent Flyer Miles thanks to: Marc Emery

– Patron Saint –
Fred Gotbetter

Department of Random Senseless Acts of Kindness
Eric Taub & Sara Glatt

Transpersonal Psychologist
Nick “Shut the Fuck Up and Face your Inner Demons already…” Sandberg

Sage Advice & Department of Sanity-Checking: Rick Doblin

Tremendous gratitude to Bob Sisko

Mad Scientist, UFO Expert & Renaissance Man
Carl Nyblom-Waltenburg, Ph.D.

Resident Chemist: Chris Jenks, Ph.D.

Much love and many thanks to the following individuals who have contributed copyrighted materials to the MindVox ibogaine site:

Lee Albert, Kenneth Alper, Steven Anker, Dana Beal, Peter Cohen, Sebastian Daniel, Paul De Rienzo, Rick Doblin, Jonathan Freedlander, Alex Grey, Jon Hanna, Dave Hunter, Chris Jenks, Charles D. Kaplan, Patrick Kroupa, Howard Lotsof, Deborah Mash, Jonathan Ott, Stanton Peele, Preston Peet, Marc Powell, Giorgio Samorini, Laurent Sazy, Matt S., Nick Sandberg, Alexander Shulgin, Anže Tavčar, Hattie Wells, and Matt Zielinski.

Sacred Power Animal: Bill the Cat

Sacred Power Animal: Bill the Cat

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