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    The Ibogaine List & Forums on MindVox

    Please note: the ibogaine site attached to MindVox is not a commercial entity. At the time of this writing it has been in continuous operation for nearly 15 years. It exists as an online resource related to ibogaine.

    The MindVox Corporation is not a publisher, we do not curate or monitor content in the forums or lists; we merely provide a platform that supports multiple online venues for discussing a variety of topics.

    If your issues pertain to the Ibogaine List: it’s a mailing list dude. It functions pretty much exactly the same way as every other mailing list on Earth. It is, in fact, a totally stock install of Mailman, with the default options and features unchanged. It’s the same mailing list software, with the same setup, used by Apple, Google, Amazon, and [insert half the organizations that run mailing lists on the internet HERE]; it is not some esoteric, complex, customized thing that we wrote to personally confuse you. The Ibogaine List requires a double opt-in to begin receiving emails (you must first subscribe; agree to the TOS, and then respond to the email indicating you understand what you’re subscribing to, and wish to receive emails at the given email address).

    Please do not expect a timely response if you fill out the contact form and make a complicated series of demands on somebody else’s time. We are not your secretary or PR firm. We cannot undo whatever crazy thing you did, and make the email you sent out using your real name, magically vanish from every other subscriber’s inbox. We’re not the babysitter or janitor, and do not provide third-party mediation for whatever your problems happen to be. We have no customers, and thusly, no customer support.

    If you have signed into the list and cannot get yourself off it, the extremely complicated, hidden, super-secret answer to your problems is located at the bottom of Every Single Message sent out. To recap, go here:

    And scroll down to: “To unsubscribe from Ibogaine…”

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