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Original Publication: Heroin Times

What’s so different about ibogaine? I know a lot of people who have gotten clean using all kinds of other methods, what’s the big deal?

I have absolutely no argument with that, or anything to say that contradicts it. I too know a variety of people who have kicked heroin using just about every conceivable detox that exists, and stayed clean using a similar broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from the 12-steps; joining various groups that help them focus on other interests; to just finding something else to do.

It is entirely possible to kick opiates/opioids without ibogaine…

It’s just not very likely to happen for the majority of people who want to step off.

The treatment for opiate addiction has seen remarkably little change in the last century. Okay, there are now a wider variety of molecules you can use to taper off, you have a greater choice of substances to do maintenance on — or you can subject yourself to something truly barbaric, painful and disgusting like a UROD followed up by Naltrexone depot. (Please note, the last part of the previous sentence reflects my personal experience with UROD followed by Naltrexone — which I was stupid enough to do TWICE. If you are one of the few who has obtained positive results using that methodology, congratulations, but you are definitely in the minority. The minority of “clients” anyway, the people selling this garbage experience much better results, financially speaking.)

Okay great, you’re “clean,” you’re sick, you’re fiending, and hell is coming down in your head. Now what? Well, you can try to just get over it; you can sit and spin in therapy for a while and try to convince yourself that you really don’t feel this bad, and perhaps loading up on some other meds would help; or you can go to a meeting and share.

Because, obviously, you have a mysterious disease, you are flawed, powerless, and addicted forever. In fact stand up, say your name, follow it up by “addict.” This is your new label, and how you will define yourself forever. Now siddown, shut up, and start working the steps, or we’re gonna beat you over the head with a bible/big-book, ‘cuz you’re a sinner — I meant to say, addict.

People who have spent much of their lives being drug-dependent are already usually full of doubt, guilt and self-hate, which makes many of them strongly respond to this bullshit, ‘cuz it feeds into their belief that they are somehow flawed, and less-than, other people; who are “normal.”

Well hey, whatever works. Thanks but no thanks, this ain’t my trip. I just wanted to stop bangin’ heroin, not join a cult.

A very simple analogy:

Current Treatment Modalities for Opiate Addiction: “we flog the patient and apply leeches until the evil spirits leave.”

Ibogaine: “oh, okay, well we just step into Star Trek, wave this Shiny Thing that Makes a Soothing Humming Sound over you, and hey, your addiction is finished. Any other problems we can help you with?”

Ibogaine appears to hit a reset on neuroadaptions that occur with chronic, long-term exposure to drugs, bringing you back to a pre-addiction modality. It is not a “cure” but it’s far beyond “detox.” It absolutely will detox you, without pain, within 45 minutes of dosing. When you come back to reality you are not sick, you’re not fiending. This isn’t magic, it isn’t voodoo, it’s just blood music; molecules and receptors.

There is nothing else that exists — which has yet been found or invented — that does anything even close to what ibogaine can do. Period.

Physical dependence to a drug is caused by tolerance; tolerance begins when you keep introducing exogenous opiates into your body. Your body downregulates its endogenous endorphin production as a response to this. It’s called homeostasis; not punishment by God for being a bad person.

I’ve read stuff online from people who said they used ibogaine and it didn’t work for them, why?

How can I possibly answer that? I dunno, I wasn’t there when they were dosed. I have no way of knowing WHAT it is they were dosed with — was it ibogaine, or was it “a mysterious, awful-tasting herbal thing” that someone sold them for a few thousand bucks.

No matter what your intent going into it, if you’re being dealt a schedule I substance, in a country where it’s illegal to possess, sell, and administer said substance — or some third-world country where you’re handing the “doctor,” what amounts to a year’s salary in the local currency, in exchange for one or two doses of a drug — then what you’re taking part in is Yet Another Drug Deal. It is entirely possible that you may be purchasing ibogaine… possible but not likely. What’s far more probable is that you’re about to get fucked out of a lot of cash.

What am I saying that you don’t already know, having been involved with the drug scene for any length of time whatsoever? — What part of this scenario sounds unfamiliar to you? Caveat Emptor. (Which is another way of sayin’ “yo dog, trust me, these are the GREATEST materials on the whole entire planet! Would I lie to you?”)

At the present time, the only entity involved in doing large-scale clinical research, using ibogaine on drug-dependent human subjects, is the Ibogaine Research Project; under the auspices of the world’s foremost scientific expert on the use of ibogaine in treating drug addiction, Deborah C. Mash, Ph.D.

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