2006: Ibogaine @ Columbia University & COSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors)

The 2006 NYC Ibogaine Conference

2006 NYC Ibogaine Conference: Columbia University

2006 NYC Ibogaine Conference:
Columbia University & Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

February 25 & 26, 2006

— Revised Schedule —


 Sponsored By

SSDP: [+1] 202/293.4414
CNW: [+1] 212/677.4899


Schedule – Day 1: Saturday, February 25: 9AM to 6PM

Columbia University / Lerner Hall @ 115th Street and Broadway

Satow Room (5th Floor) / 9AM until 6PM

If you plan to attend, please RSVP Tyler Case:
tfc2101@columbia.edu (or) [+1] 856/577.2446

[10:00 AM]


[10:20 AM]

Sponsor Remarks: Tyler Case, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

[10:30 AM]

Introduction by: Rommel Washington
[11:00 AM]

Ibogaine 101: Patrick Kroupa & Jeffrey Kamlet, MD

[01:00 PM]

Break for Lunch
[02:00 PM]

Ibogaine R & D in the Context of Overall Addiction Research
by: Brian Vastag
[02:15 PM]

Ibogaine – Mechanism of Action: Kenneth Alper, MD

[03:15 PM]

Ibogaine Development: Politics, Policy, Profit, Prejudice and Science,
with: Howard Lotsof

[04:15 PM]

Political Panel with: Arturo Garcia-Costas, Howard Lotsof, Dana Beal,
Allan Clear, Douglas Greene, and Dimitri Mugianis

Saturday Evening Reception 7:30PM
@ The Yippie Museum, #9 Bleecker St. Ground Floor

The Yippie Museum will be Presenting, Special Screenings of

Ibogaine: Rite of Passage

A documentary film, by Ben De Loenen

and David Graham Scott’s, BBC 1 Documentary: Detox or Die

Schedule – Day 2: Sunday, February 26: 11AM to 7PM

COSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

COSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors[/caption]

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (Registration: $20)
540 West 27th St. / Fourth Floor / New York City, NY, 10001

For Additional Details: [+1] 212/677.7180

[11:00 AM]

[11:45 AM]

Introductory Remarks with: Dana Beal
[12:00 PM]

Break for Lunch
[01:00 PM]

Ibogaine: The Crucifixion and Resurrection with: The Rev. Ed Stickler, Paul DeRienzo, Carl Ruck and Dana Beal

[02:30 PM]

Ibogaine: Source of Revelation, moderator: Patrick Kroupa
with: Lee Albert, Daniel Pinchbeck and Awolowo Johnson

[04:00 PM]


[04:15 PM]

Ibogaine and Sacred Art
Alex Grey with Geerte Frenken,
Aivia Monitto and David Hunter

[05:15 PM]

Saving the World One Addict at a Time with: Hands-on Ibogaine Providers
[–:– PM]

Closing Remarks and Summary

Participating Advocacy Groups

Cures not Wars

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

(You are [HERE])

Dora Weiner Foundation

Sacrament of Transition

Ibogaine Project

Benu Project

Association for Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
(ADAPT) 1-718-782-2080

Harm Reduction Coalition

Facts only get In The Way of Things

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The 2006 NYC Ibogaine conference, took place this year on February 25th and 26th. Speakers travelled from all over the world to take part, and share their experience, knowledge, and information.

The following pages contain a series of photos taken at the event. As usual, everybody in the room with A/V gear either vanished, didn’t bother to turn it on, or experienced the ever-popular teKniChaL DifFi(ultieZ.

And… most of the photographs that follow, land in the last category. No filters were used (other than the automagic adjustments that occur when resizing directories of images, watermarking, and compressing them for online viewing, as part of a workflow); speshul effects are courtesy of a mechanical zoom dropping dead, and flash going off at random. Red eye hasn’t been fixed, because, well, it kinda adds to the ambiance.

Some of the main panelists are not captured here, because… if the person holding the camera wandered out of the room prior to their presentation, the camera went with ’em. And, in far too many cases, the photos that were taken, wound up as a total blur and were completely unusable.

Many speakers who gave great presentations are completely unaccounted for in the pictures that follow. Off the top of my head, there is only a single, out-of-focus shot of Howard Lotsof during his first day’s presentation, and Dr. Kenneth Alper, who gave an amazing talk regarding ibogaine’s possible mechanism of action, is also missing.

The single exception to the “Missing! Due to Technical Problems!” paradigm, was JAMA writer Brian Vastag, who became completely uncontrollable; standing in front of the mic, and screaming, “Let My People Go!” while throwing anti-depressants into the audience. Brian had to be physically escorted from the conference room by Tink, after half a dozen Columbia students failed to subdue him

Regrettably, visionary artists Dave Hunter and Geerte Frenken, are also almost completely absent (it’s difficult to take photos of a person standing in a completely darkened room, while giving a multimedia cruise through their artwork — even WITH a working camera). All is not lost, because Jasmine Hunter was present, and thoughtfully provided a summary for both of her parents.

The 2006 conference was made possible by Tyler Case of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) — who managed to convince Columbia University to put up with us for a day — and Dana Beal of Cures not Wars, who co-organized the event. Both of ’em did an amazing job. Additional thanks go to Rob Kampia, of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

Many of the photos that wound up being useable were taken at CoSM, Alex Grey’s, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. The photos are intended to give people an overall vibe of the space/place/event. They in no way do justice to reproducing Alex’s art which is present in many of shots, and no disrespect is intended to his work.

If you’re in the NYC area, and reading this page, then you should do yourself a favor and check out CoSM. Alex is one of the coolest people on the planet, and a fuckin’ amazing artist. CoSM resonates, and is one of the most charged nexus-points for accessing sacred space — with or without whitelight molecules — on planet Earth.

(Whatever Rifts in the Continuum may have occurred due to our presence, have been healed since then. Your mileage may vary. You have the right to remain silent. Use once and destroy.)

Additional Photos from CoSM, Courtesy of: Alex Grey & Tyler Case

John Harrison’s Conference Review from MAPS

Patrick Kroupa & Lorelei
Dana Beal & Patrick Kroupa
Patrick Kroupa & Dana Beal

All Images Copyright (C) 2006, MindVox Corporation & Clayton Patterson. All Images Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

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