2007: Invitational Ibogaine Forum – Warsaw

Invitational Ibogaine Forum, Warsaw 2007

2007: Invitational Ibogaine Forum - Warsaw

2007: Invitational Ibogaine Forum – Warsaw

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Conference Package – E 40 / per person

 Hotel Sofitel Victoria

Ul. Królewska 11
00-065 Warszawa

Conference Room: Belweder A

Presenters / Participants

[09:00 AM]

Registration and coffee
[09:15 AM]

Ibogaine, User Activism and Harm Reduction
Alan Clear, Harm Reduction Coalition, USA

[09:30 AM]

Iboga in its Traditional Context
Herman Nzamba Boussougou – Republic of Gabon

[10:00 AM]

Israeli Clinical Study of Ibogaine
M. Zer Zion, MD – Beer Yakov Medical Center, Israel

[10:30 AM]

Immune Modulation and Mechanisms of actions of Ibogaine
Dana Beal – Cures-Not-Wars, USA

[11:00 AM]

Antiviral effects of ibogaine and Hepatitis C
Howard S. Lotsof – Dora Weiner Foundation, USA

[11:30 AM]

The Experience of an Ibogaine Treatment Provider
Boaz Wachtel – Green Leaf Party, Israel

[12:00 PM]

Buffet Lunch
[12:30 PM]

Ibogaine Peer Advocacy Treatments
Dimitri Mugianis – New York City Drug Users’ Union, USA

[01:00 PM]

Screening and Safety in Ibogaine Treated Patients
Clare Wilkins – Director, Ibogaine Association, Mexico

[01:30 PM]

All Presenter Panel & Question Period W/Coffee

Update (May 6, 2007): As of right now, the French legal authorities appear to be blocking both Gerard Sestier and Mallendi from attending.

Jacques de Schryver, a journalist who is aware of Mallendi’s and Gerard’s work and the current situation in France will present in Mallendi’s place unless there is a last minute change on the part of the court.


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