Ibogaine: Questions & Answers II

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Original Publication: Heroin Times

Ibogaine is a drug, my support system is strongly against using another drug to stop my drug addiction. They recommend tapering down, working the steps and kicking on my own.

If you can do that, God bless. By all means, go for it. It’ll certainly be cheaper monetarily speaking, if you can pull it off. As I’ve said before, all you really need to kick opiates is an empty room and some time. The empty room isn’t even necessary, all that’s really mandatory is that you stop bangin’ up, snorting, or swallowing narcotic analgesics.

Pretty simple huh?

You’re an arrogant prick, you dis’ the 12-steps, the 12-steps saved my life, plus, also, have I mentioned that I hate you? Allow me to elucidate, at length, mostly incoherently.

Short answer: yeah… and, so?

Slightly longer answer: people speak their truth to the best of their ability and understanding — well, some of the time, some people do. Which is all that I’m doing here. I’ve chipped heroin since the age of 14, and spent about 10 years completely strung-out. I tried everything to kick, nothing ever worked for me. Ibogaine did.

You’re not listening to me, ibogaine is just another drug.

Well, if you do some reading, the Bayer corporation actually had TWO miracle cures for everything on the whole entire planet (three if you wanna count Cipro as a solution for that anthrax thing — if nothing else the current War on Terrorism situation and Cipro, have managed to pull Bayer AG’s stock out of the toilet, which is where their previous miracle drug Baycol, sank it). One was called Heroin and the second one was Aspirin. The way that hand got played out, heroin is currently demonized, super-bad, and the cause of many of society’s ills, while aspirin is available at every supermarket, bodega and gas station. You probably have some in your house.

Heroin isn’t demonic possession, it’s just a molecule. When people talk about drugs and “clean time,” it’s mostly an exercise in nomenclature, semantics and dogma. In short, it’s a headtrip. My clean time as of this moment is roughly 45 minutes, which is the last time I lit a cigarette. Prior to that, I relapsed with some coffee. Since my head kinda hurts I can feel this “mysterious disease” kicking up, and I think I’m gonna do something crazy like have 2 or 3 of those aspirin, ‘cuz I just can’t stop…

I also seem to have this addiction to oxygen, eating once in a while, my endocrine system keeps throwing its voice and trying to make my head get into this space called “relationship” — all of it amounts to… whatever man… Whatever you wanna believe, whatever makes you happy or unhappy, whatever gets you through the night. But mostly, like everything else, it’s all in your mind.

Having said all that my clean time from heroin or any other opiate/opioid, is a little over 2 years. Which really isn’t a big deal in the cosmic scheme of things, but for me it’s a miracle, and I’m grateful that this thing called ibogaine exists and allowed me the opportunity to make the rest happen.

I’ll give you money, will you please get me ibogaine?

I don’t personally possess ibogaine, or any other scheduled substance. That would be against the law, and I’m not a drug dealer. I’d love to be in a position where I could simply give anyone who needed it, the chance to hit a reset on their life, but ya know… despite exciting new events unfolding in the tapestry of human existence, on an almost daily basis, our government still seems to be somewhat preoccupied with this exercise in fascism and mind control, called the War on Drugs.

This is a real bummer and all, but c’est la’vie, shit happens. If you’re doing something against the law, try not to get caught; especially in a country where what you’re doing is punishable by death, life in prison, or a very steep bribe, whoops, I meant to say “donation,” to whatever branch of law enforcement is shaking you down.

If you want to obtain ibogaine, my advice is relatively simple and highly consistent. I would contact Healing Visions, and dose at St. Kitts. Which is what I did. You will get what you’re paying for; ibogaine HCl, administered under medical supervision. In short, you’ll get un-sprung, not ripped off, or dead.

If you absolutely, positively and without a doubt, don’t have a hope in hell of ever obtaining the money to do this, I can share some basic information which may be of interest. There is a pretty enlightened treatment scene happening in the Netherlands, and I’ve heard positive things about people who were treated in Italy. Ibogaine is not a scheduled substance in either location.

For further information about the Amsterdam situation, I would suggest making contact with Dana Beal (dana@cures-not-wars.org). Dana is an author, journalist and activist, who does not personally possess ibogaine, but can put you in touch with the right people.

Please note that I do not personally know the persons involved with the Amsterdam scene, and make absolutely no claims, statements, or representations regarding what they do. All I am directly stating is, Dana Beal is a stand-up guy who will not rip you off, or put you in contact with people who will try to do same.

Beyond that… you’re reading these words, you have access to that internet thing, go to any decent search engine such as Google or Yahoo, type in “ibogaine” and you will be greeted with an even greater variety of options.

If you choose to avail yourself of any of them, I would have two warnings:

First, don’t believe everything you read. To be very kind, there are a lotta people out there misrepresenting what they offer — which is an extremely nice way of sayin’ they’re totally full of shit.

Second — and most important — you should keep in mind that ibogaine is not a party drug, there is an extremely narrow margin between what constitutes an effective, therapeutic dose, and a lethal one. If you simply obtain it somewhere, are “lucky” enough to actually get real ibogaine, and proceed to ingest a bunch of it, without knowing what you’re doing: it can and will kill you.

Like dead and stuff, no longer alive, catcha in the next life.

Nick Sandberg has a highly reasonable warning for people who are still contemplating taking this action anyway:


Ibogaine Research Project. http://www.ibogaine-research.org
Healing Visions http://www.healingvisions.com
MindVox http://www.mindvox.com

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