2010: The Development of Iboga Alkaloids…

The Development of Iboga Alkaloids for the Treatment of Drug Addiction



October 15th, 2010

You are hereby invited to a most unique conference in the city of Barcelona on October 15th, 2010:

In collaboration with the Health Department of Catalonia and the Centre d’Investigació de Medicaments (CIM), Hospital de Sant Pau, we have assembled a select group of world’s leading experts from the U.S., Brazil, South Africa and Israel for this event to share their insights on the history, the administration process of Ibogaine, its medical and psychiatric safety, mechanisms of action, the treatment of cocaine dependence, Ibogaine’s history, and more. (see the attached flyer)

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish will be offered throughout the entire event.

An information package on Ibogaine will be included with your subscription fee of 40€.

Seating is limited, so be sure to secure your admission by using the registration form on www.iceers.org.

By using your Paypal account or credit card, you will instantly guarantee your seat at this event!

When using a promotional code, your admission will be ensured following your complete registration.

Food and drinks will also be offered during the conference (not included with registration).

If you are in the position to support this event, tax-deductible donations can be made to ICEERS at www.iceers.org.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

If you have colleagues or friends who might be interested in attending, feel free to forward this invitation.


[09:00 AM]

Reception and Introduction
Joan Colom – Director of the program on substance abuse, Health Department of the Government of Catalonia, MD
Ben De Loenen – Executive Director of ICEERS

[09:40 AM]

Evidence of safety and effectiveness. Mechanisms of action of Ibogaine.
Kenneth Alper, M.D.

[10:45 AM]

Coffee Break

[11:15 PM]

Pharmacology and safety of Iboga alkaloids
Moderator: Jordi Riba, Ph.D Pharmacology. Centre d’Investigació de Medicaments (CIM), Hospital de Sant Pau
Medical aspects. Jeffrey D. Kamlet, MD
Psychiatric aspects. Rakefet Rodrigez, MD

[02:00 PM]

Break for Lunch. Screening of Ibogaine: Rite of Passage

[03:15 PM]

Evidence of safety and effectiveness of the Iboga alkaloids in the treatment of addictions
Moderator: José Carlos Bouso, Clinical Psychologist. Centre d’Investigació de Medicaments (CIM), Hospital de Sant Pau
Experiences of treatment with Ibogaine: Boaz Wachtel
Ibogaine in the treatment of drug dependence: Jeewa Anwar, BDS
The treatment of cocaine dependence: Bruno Chavez Rasmussen, MD

[05:45 PM]



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