2005: Ibogaine NYC – Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

The 2005 NYC Ibogaine Conference @ COSM

COSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

COSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

February 20 & 21, 2005

 Sponsored by: Cures not Wars

February 20 & 21

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
540 West 27th St.
Fourth Floor
Registration: $20 per day
New York City, NY, 10001
Planet Earth, Milky Way


Schedule: Sunday, February 20: Noon to 7PM

[12:00 PM]

Introductory remarks: Rommel Washington, Benu Project.

[12:45 PM]

Ibogaine and the Search for Lost Sacraments
Moderated by: Alex Grey
Dana Beal, author, The Ibogaine Story
Carl Ruck, PhD, author, The Apples of Apollo
Bwiti Nganga Awolowo Johnson, sociologist
Rev. Ron Sala, Unitarian
Rob Gordon, Cures Not Wars

[03:15 PM]


[03:45 PM]

Ibogaine Treatment
Howard Lotsof, Patrick Kroupa, Dimitri Mugianis
Adam Nodelman, Chris Laurance and Andrea Aplementos

[05:45 PM]

Special Screening
Ibogaine: Rite of Passage
Ben De Loenen


Monday, February 21: 10AM to 7PM

The Monday session will be attended by representatives of various city and state agencies.


[10:00 AM]

Introductory Remarks: H.S. Lotsof

[10:30 AM]

New Findings: Dopamine, Craving, and the Ibogaine Effect
Carl Anderson, PhD

[11:30 AM]

Ibogaine: Phase I Clinical Trials Restarted in 2005
Patrick Kroupa

[11:45 PM]

Medical Ibogaine Therapy
Jeffrey Kamlet, MD

[01:15 PM]


[01:45 PM]

Scientific Panel: Assessing the New Possibilities of Ibogaine
Kenneth R. Alper, MD, Emmanuel Onaivi, PhD, Jon Freelander

[03:15 PM]


[03:45 PM]

Ibogaine Anti-Viral Effects
Vic Hernandez, PhD, Chris Laurance, Jason Farell, Richie D.

[05:15 PM]

Final Wrap-up Panel
Kenneth Alper, MD and principal panelists


Ibogaine, derived from the African root Tabernanthe iboga, has a novel mechanism of action that is different from other pharmacotherapeutic approaches to addiction. Relevant issues to be addressed by this forum include the distinctive social and ethnographic aspects of the informal ibogaine treatment context, its cost-effectiveness as a treatment option, and the policy implications of ibogaine’s status as a Schedule 1 substance.

Ibogaine is currently without formal approval as a treatment option in the U.S. However, a distinctive unofficial treatment network, created by international self-help movements in response to the demand of the addicts, has provided ibogaine treatment in non-medical settings such as an apartment or country house.

Participants in this forum will represent the basic and clinical neurosciences, the disciplines of ethnography and sociology, and the FDA, NIDA and the pharmaceutical industry. The promotion of discussion and exchange of information and views among the participants receives significant emphasis in the forum program and agenda.

Topics to be covered include ibogaine’s mechanism of action, safety and efficacy, interaction with memory and neurophysiology, and ethnographic and policy perspectives. The proposed presenters have accumulated significant new data on neurobiological, clinical, and sociocultural aspects of ibogaine.

The conference will feature a Special screening of

Ibogaine: Rite of Passage

A documentary film, by Ben De Loenen.

 Participating Advocacy Groups

Cures not Wars


(You are [HERE])

Sacrament of Transition

Ibogaine Project

Benu Project

Dora Weiner Foundation

Association for Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
(ADAPT) 1-718-782-2080

Harm Reduction Coalition

 Facts only get In The Way of Things

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