Dealing with: Persistent Cravings after a Successful Ibogaine Detoxification

by Matt Zielinski, 2008

Reproduced by Permission of the Author

After a painless detoxification from heroin dependence I felt exhilarated and ecstatic. The manacles of physical addiction have been shattered to pieces, and completely obliterated in the magical transformative experience. With the help of ibogaine I began to notice the benefits of a healthy body and the possibility of leading a happy life without the use of drugs. The visions experienced on ibogaine create a new platform for a deep reflection of life’s purpose and meaning.
For the first few weeks I didn’t exhibit any signs of cravings. The thoughts of using were insignificant and didn’t possess any power. As time moved forward, the ibogaine metabolite slowly disintegrated into the beautiful void, and I was confronted with the old patterns of thinking. Cravings began to creep up.

We have to realize that cravings are a natural part of the healing process and will be a part of the recovery process for some time. We have to come to grips that we will never control when they arise. However, we have full control over what to do with them once they do arise. We have to be mindful of the process and not rush in. Many people experiment with different alternatives in dealing with cravings. Therapy, meditation, clean diet, physical exercise and countless other ways help to create a new life style and establish new habits. Yet these activities are often not enough to keep the patient on the clean tract.

The old habituated ways of thinking and acting are deeply rooted and need to be approached from a different vantage point. Since we create our reality with our beliefs, emotions and expectations it is crucial to examine these matters in a clear, concise objective manner. Since the brain’s neurotransmitters are all out balance, the patient is liable to make bad choices while being fully conscious of the negative consequences. Ibogaine seems to act on multiple neurotransmitters and seems to reset the brains chemistry back to the clean state. Small ibogaine boosters taken at regular intervals are an amazing way to keep the clean track going.

For me the best way to deal with cravings is definitely taking small amounts of Iboga root bark. The cravings disappear as quickly as they appear and I am left with a sense of peace and optimism. Since strong cravings can have a significant impact on the quality of your day it is important to find the easiest and greatest method to deal with them.

Small doses of Iboga put me back into the non physical state of being. My thoughts and actions become in tuned with my deeper self, which causes me to think rationally, optimistically and very objectively. A small booster dose puts me back to the original state of mind which I experienced right after the flood dose. I completely enjoy each moment as it gradually unfolds into the next . I become fully conscious of my creative powers and tear down all illusionary barriers, fears and old negative patterns of thinking. The cravings loose their meaning and power because the awareness of the consequences of using become crystal clear again. After each dose I am aligned with the source and feel and believe in my self worth and my ability to be happy without the use of drugs.

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