Ibogaine List Archives – 2004-02

MindVox Corporation

From: “Nick Sandberg” <nicks22@onetel.com> Subject: Re: [ibogaine] What UK provider scrwed up? Date: February 29, 2004 at 5:07:05 PM EST To: <ibogaine@mindvox.com> Reply-To: ibogaine@mindvox.com —– Original Message —– From: “Marc Scott Emery” <marc@cannabisculture.com> To: <ibogaine@mindvox.com> Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 11:36 PM Subject: RE: [ibogaine] What UK provider scrwed up?…

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2009: The 6th Annual Ibogaine Forum, Boston, MA

The 2009 Ibogaine Conference Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. Presidents Day Weekend (Sat., Feb. 14 to Mon., Feb. 16) Sponsored by the National AIDS Brigade Schedule Saturday, Feb. 14, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [10:00 AM] Facing the Habit a film by Magnolia Martin [11:00 AM] Introduction Rommel Washington [11:15 AM]…

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