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Clear Sky Recovery

From: robertbosch@softhome.net Subject: [ibogaine] Re: ssris Date: April 30, 2002 at 5:50:18 PM EDT To: ibogaine@mindvox.com Reply-To: ibogaine@mindvox.com HSLotsof@aol.com writes: In a message dated 4/25/02 10:52:09 PM, robertbosch@softhome.net writes: << Hello, I understand this is a tense time or something and do not want to be  rude, but if anyone…

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Pharmahuasca, Anahuasca and Vinho da Jurema

Human Pharmacology of Oral DMT Plus Harmine Copyright © 1997, Jonathan Ott All Rights Reserved / Reproduced by Permission of Jonathan Ott (Original Publication: Yearbook for Ethnomedicine 1997/98) Abstract A summary is presented of human self-experiments or psychonautic bioassays of pharmahuasca-capsules containing crystalline N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) plus harmine, as well as…

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