Ibogaine List Archives – 2004-01

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From: HSLotsof@aol.com Subject: Re: [ibogaine] Fw: [drugwar] Single Injection Promising for Heroin Addiction Date: January 31, 2004 at 10:26:57 PM EST To: ibogaine@mindvox.com Reply-To: ibogaine@mindvox.com In a message dated 1/31/04 11:43:08 PM, HSLotsof@aol.com writes: Get the phone number and call Dr. George E. Bigelow of Johns Hopkins University School of…

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Ibogaine in the Treatment of Chemical Dependence Disorders

Ibogaine in the Treatment of Chemical Dependence Disorders: Clinical Perspectives Copyright © 1994, Howard S. Lotsof All Rights Reserved Reproduced by permission of: The Ibogaine Dossier (Original Publication: MAPS – Volume 5, Number 3, Winter 1994-95) Dedicated to the work of J. Bastiaans and N. Adriaans In memory of N.…

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